A Word About Tolerance

When I was at the Circle of Love, I did not fall into the habit of calling everyone "brother". There is a hidden danger of giving a sense of false security. I carry that practice till this day. Why? Because not everybody I meet is my brother in Christ. Just because you walk in the gate of a ministry or into a church service does not automatically make you my brother. Brothers share the same parent and you may have a different daddy than I do (cf. John 8:44). I have been called intolerant do to my stance. I have two things to say about that: First is that I love you too much in the name of Jesus to let you go to hell rather than risk hurting your feelings. Second, I am tolerant, but I suggest that we need to see what the word really means:

tolerance ( P ) Pronunciation Key (tlr-ns) n. The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.

See, we tolerate our differences everyday. We go to work, one a republican, another a democrat, but we set it aside and get along. One a Gator fan, the other a 'Nole fan, we set it aside and we get along. One a Yankee fan, the other hates baseball. I love you anyway, and we get along. The difference with religion is that you want acceptance. You want me to say your truth is the same as mine. I cannot do that. Not that my truth is better but my truth comes from the Bible. And if two people say something is true and they are opposite, both cannot be right. And sometime for the greater good we need to get along, but I do not have to accept your belief to be tolerant. If I say from the Word of God that Jesus was God (cf. John 1:1-14) and you say He was just a good man, I would call you wrong, but I can still treat you with respect and give tolerance so we can get along in the workplace for example, just as you would have to tolerate my view while we were at work. We need to get this right; tolerance is not all religions getting together on stage, holding hands and singing Kumba-Ya. As a Christian I need to stand up for what is right and true, but that does not make me intolerant. It makes me a disciple, like Jesus loving the sinner but hating the sin.


What do you think?

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