What Ever Happened to Common Decency

I heard a story on ACLJ's radio broadcast and found some information on the web from WTOL news on how the ACLU is protesting a funeral protest law. The article states:

The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a Kentucky law aimed at preventing protests from disrupting funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq. Members of a Kansas Baptist church have protested at military funerals, claiming soldiers' deaths are a sign that God is punishing America for tolerating homosexuality.

The ACLU says the Kentucky law goes too far in limiting speech and expression. The law, which was signed in March, bans protests within 300 feet of memorial services, wakes, and burials. Violators can be charged with first-degree disorderly conduct, punishable by up to a year in jail.

These brave men and women died in service to our country. Them and countless others have given what has been called "the last full measure" so we can have the right to free speech and it is inconceivable that people, who claim to be Christians, can have so little of His compassion for their families to protest at their time of grief. The ACLJ also said bullhorns will be prohibited also. I say good. There is a time and a place for everything, even protesting. And there is a time not to, and if you do not have the good sense not to, then maybe we need a law like this. But this can be one of those "slippery slope" deals that can be a hazard and some will try to abuse this, so the law needs to be very specific in the type of cases it can be applied to.


What do you think?

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