In The News Israel (Again)

Israel is in trouble again. How come they have to keep defending themselves? Sounds kind of stupid? Yeah, but that is what is happening. The world keeps forgetting that Israel did not start this and I do not think they want this but when people start bombing your country, you defend it. And if that means going across the border to stop the attacks so be it. Sorry if innocent people are dying but if Lebanon wants it stopped, they need to control people in there own borders or enlist help of outsiders to help them control their own people. Despite what the Saudi King Abdullah says it should not threaten Israel but Lebanon and the terrorist of Hezbollah. They are within their rights as a nation and while trying to reach a peaceful settlement if possible I cannot help to applaud Israeli PM Ehud Olmert when he says: “Israel is determined to carry on this fight against Hezbollah.” He said his government “will not hesitate to take severe measures against those who are aiming thousands of rockets and missiles against innocent civilians for the sole purpose of killing them.” Source Fox News.

I suppose I should not be surprised but just suppose after 9/11 some countries told us “Hey, your being too hard on the people of Afghanistan, you need to stop! Don’t make us get involved!” Yeah, right, but Israel has been putting up with this since 1948 and instead of threatening Israel we need to get serious with those attacking her for no good reason.


What do you think?

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