Shalom, Shalom

Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace, [whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee]: because he trusteth in thee. –Isaiah 26:3

The phrase perfect peace is a repeating of the same word for emphasis. I was given the privilege of preaching a couple weeks ago and this was one of the texts used. But as I have had more time now to reflect, there are some more things I wanted to mention. (The outline itself is on my website so I will not repeat it here).

The point being we can have perfect peace on two conditions: Our mind stayed on Jesus and trusting in Jesus.

But this is not a Pollyanna style of denial (You remember those old movies where Pollyanna would be out in a storm, walking on a fraying rope bridge with wolfs waiting at one end and tigers at the other while she walked around saying “Isn’t it a lovely day”?) The fact is we are going to face troubles, trials and difficulties and ignoring them is not going to bring peace and may in fact make them worse. The peace comes in because we trusted Jesus as Savoiur and knows He wants what is best for us and we keep our minds and hearts focused on Him. We still need to realize what the problem is, bring it to Jesus in prayer and act towards solving the problem.

In my job illustration, God worked it out so all was OK. The pay came in on time and I was able to pay my bills but there are other things that can cause me great distress and grief but I have to keep turning towards Him and trusting He will work it out. (One of my greatest burdens is my unsaved family. I keep them in front of God in prayer but I must keep a good testimony. Believe it or not they are watching). I can pray for good health but I must take care of my body. I cannot just do anything I want, eat whatever I want whenever I want and never exercise and then pray for health. There are consequences to our actions and we need to take responsibility for our actions. The two work together.

So while the mind will always try to find the path to peace, our natural mind will try to find the fastest, easiest route. We need to keep our mind stayed on Jesus, trusting in Jesus to follow the path to His peace which is perfect.


What do you think?

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