Truth in Advertising

I was eating in a favorite Mexican Restaurant having one of my favorite dishes: Chile Reyano (please forgive any misspellings) and one of the things most notable to me was that the dish looked like the picture on the menu (and was delicious as well, thank you El Puerto) and it occurred to me how rarely that happened. You see food ads on TV showing these wonderful looking burgers with wavy green lettuce and burgers as big as the bun and you get chopped lettuce slightly brown and you have to hunt to find the meat and I want to say, “hey, this is not what I ordered!” (I don’t, I just usually eat it, it is sad that I come to expect not to get what is advertised in some places).

I was wondering with all the Christian activity, all the churches in America as well as the radio and TV programs why more people are not Christians. The answer is they have seen the product and it does not measure up to the picture.

I work a lot with children and one thing is for certain, they will spot a phony and so can most adults. People are looking for something different, something genuine.

For example, I love my job. I know this is a foreign concept and is almost un-American as one of the favorite pastimes around is job bashing. My boss commented one day “Tom is always smiling” and why not? What is inside should show up on the outside. I like coming to work, no reason not to smile. I saved so no reason not to have joy and smile. (Now I don’t smile all the time, I have my down days too but it shows something that others can notice a difference and it is because of Jesus) and when I speak of Jesus it seems more real to them because there is something different in it and me shows on the outside. And it should be that way for all Christians. Don’t we have a reason?

Christians should be:

  •  People of integrity
  • People of joy
  •  People of unity (not ecumenicalism but unity, standing for the truth together)

If this sounds weird or different, it is and we are called to be different:

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: -1 Peter 2.9

And our difference should bring glory to God.


What do you think?

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