A Mother’s Devotion

Moreover his mother made him a little coat, and brought [it] to him from year to year, when she came up with her husband to offer the yearly sacrifice. -1 Samuel 2:19

Many of us who have either grew up in or spent any time teaching Sunday school are familiar with the story of Hannah and her son Samuel. I just love how the story of how this mother who wanted nothing more than a son to love and kept her promise to give him back to the Lord. How she must have treasured the time she had with him, but her devotion did not stop when she gave him back to the Lord. She continued to care about him and for him and each year she brought him a little coat.

Somehow I cannot see this being a Wal-Mart special picked up on sale. She was taking care to see her boy properly clothed for the service God is calling Samuel to. That is what impresses me most about a mother’s love, their devotion to their young.

It is common knowledge that you stay away from a bear with her cubs, she will protect them. The same holds true for humans. Just look a Paris Hilton and her mother, Kelly Hilton. She got a 45 day sentence for the violation of the terms of her DUI probation and what did she do? Publicly attack the judge for doing his job. Mothers and their children, you know.

I remember growing up and mom would have breakfast ready for us. She would pack our lunches for school and make sure we had clean clothes to wear. Day in and day out, week in and week out a mothers love is shown in devotion to those she loves.  I do not think they are truly appreciated enough. Running us to games, karate, and lessons, whatever else needs to be done.  A mom is a nurse, a cook, a chauffer and nothing makes a hurt go away like a hug from Mom. I learned how to cook watching my Mom though I am nowhere near the cook she is (just thinking about her meatloaf even now is making me hungry!)

The ways she touched my life and still does is too many to number. Thank God for a good Mother and take a little time this Sunday and tell your Mom just how much you love and appreciate her. I know I will.


One thought on “A Mother’s Devotion

  1. I agree withy Bro. Tom, Mom’s are unique and special. I thank the Lord for my mother who never failed to do without so that I might have something. I praise the Lord for all the women in my family. They are special people, and in no way common.

    Thanks for a great Mother’s Day post.


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