Goodbye, Mr. Buckley

It was with a sad heart I heard of the passing of William F. Buckley, Jr. Outside of my immediate family and closest friends nobody influenced my thought pattern more than he did. I remember watching him on his show Firing Line and how I was fascinated by his speech and ideas (even though I would have to watch his show dictionary in hand!)  He slowly helped to mold my mind to the conservative ideals I hold today (I know he called himself a Liberian journalist but he got me to stop thinking the world owes me everything and it is lucky to have me kind of thinking and no I did not agree with everything he said but he did cause me to stop, think and evaluate). 

I pulled out a copy of a book I have of his, Happy Days Were Here Again, a wonderful collection of his thoughts on a wide range of topics and am again amazed at his wit and intelligence. Thank you Mr. Buckely, you will be missed.


What do you think?

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