A Response To Obama

While I normally do not write political commentary the thought that spending another 450 billion dollars on another job creation plan after the abysmal. abject, and total failure of the first plan requires some kind of response. There are three thoughts (at least) that we need to realize:

  1. The government cannot created sustainable jobs. Government is not the largest, one of the largest employers in America between federal, state, and local governments. Some brief research shows that almost 8% of Americans (7.84 to be more precise) work for federal government. now don’t get me wrong, some jobs are necessary. The military, police, fire, first responders are all appreciated and needed. The trouble is the government has no product. It makes no profit so all of the money it spends has to be stolen at gunpoint in the form of taxes or it has to be printed and deflated the value of our currency, or it has to be borrowed increasing our debt. The solution is not more government jobs.
  2. All the government can do is make the economic climate suitable for job growth.This is done by minimizing taxes on small and mid sized businesses. This is done by minimal government interference with regulations. When the warpaint come out and the shout out is for higher taxes on those who create the jobs, then they will not invest the money in the expansion needed to create jobs.This is just plain common sense. If you are afraid the government is going to take what you have you are going to try to shelter it, protect it so you have it for you and your families needs.
  3. Responsible government spending. With out of control debt looming, this does not create confidence in America. Without the confidence of investors there can be no long term growth. We need to repeal Obamacare, take a cautious and careful look at each dollar spent and not waste money. There needs to be a significant reduction in spending and a balanced budget amendment to the United States constitution. That would force our leaders to be reasonable in their spending. When I run out of money, I have to stop spending. They need to do the same.

I suppose I could go on, but these three thoughts are a good a place as any to start. I know it means tightening our belt. I know it may mean an end to the entitlement mentality we have allowed to flourish in this nation, but if nothing is done, we will be done. As Benjamin Franklin once said: When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.


What do you think?

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