A Picture of Salvation

As promised today I will start a series of post talking about salvation. These are out of my upcoming book, A Question of Eternity, which should be out by the end of this year. Today we will be looking at one of the most beautiful pictures of salvation, and it comes out of the Old Testament, Genesis 24. This is when Isaac gets his bride Rebekah. While space prohibits me from printing the entire chapter here (it is 67 verses), I will summarize here but take a few minutes to read it yourself. It is well worth reading. We can notice some correlations in type:

  • Abraham, the faithful father who wants a bride for his son is a type of God the Father.
  • We have Isaac as the type of the Son, Jesus. We see this in three things:
    1. He is the son of a miraculous birth. As Jesus’ birth was miraculous because He had no earthly father, Issac’s is because he was born of two parents who were beyond childbearing years, Abraham 100 and Sara 90 (And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah’s womb: Romans 4:19) God wanted all to know that Issac was the child of promise due to the miraculous nature of his birth.
    2. How he was a picture of the submissive son who was willing to do the will of the father by being a sacrifice, yet came up off the alter alive due to the ram being offered in his place.
    3. And finally Isaac pictures Jesus’ who is now in heaven waiting for his bride the church just as he was waiting on his bride Rebekah.
  • We have the servant, a type of the Holy Spirit who indwells and leads every believer. We see the correlation as the servant woos the potential bride with the wealth of the master, but leaves the choice to her. If the bride refuses to come the servant is free of his oath. If someone refuses the gracious offer of salvation, he is lost but not because of the lack of God’s mercy and grace but because in the hardness of the heart the sinner has rejected the Saviour. Once the offer is accepted, the servant is the guide back to Issac the Son. The Holy Spirit will lead us in the way of Jesus if we let Him.
  • Finally, we have Rebekah. She is the church, the believer. She accepted the offer of the servant to be the bride of the son. She willingly follows the servant to the final destination and winds up as the beloved of the son. In the same way the Holy Spirit will lead us to our finial destination: in heaven the The Son, Jesus.
You may say this does not answer the question of eternal security one way or another. It was not meant to, this is an overview and a type of salvation. We will start getting more specific on the next post. Once all the post are given then we can address that question again. Just take the time today to absorb the simple picture and wonderful truths of the basic thoughts of salvation. All that Jesus went through for us, the love of the Father in sending His Son. It is awe inspiring when we really just think on these things.

What do you think?

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