The Need for Godly Friends

Godly friendships can help us through the tough times, the times of trials and sufferings. But the wrong friendships can pull us down. We need to identify some Godly characteristics to find in others and to develop in ourselves so we can be that friend in time of need.

1 Peter 3:8 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous:

  • Be ye all of one mind: one mind because of one faith. The one mind being the mind of Christ. We love what He loves, hate what He hates, our desires are His. Being humble and obedient just as Jesus was, even up to and including the death on the cross.
  • Have compassion: G 4835 soom-path-ace’ having a fellow feeling (“sympathetic”), that is, (by implication) mutually commiserative: – having compassion one of another.

A man put up a sign in his yard that read: “Puppies for Sale.” Among those who came to inquire was a young boy. “Please, Mister,” he said, “I’d like to buy one of your puppies if they don’t cost too much.” “Well, son, they’re $25.” The boy looked crushed. “I’ve only got two dollars and five cents. Could I see them anyway?” “Of course. Maybe we can work something out,” said the man. The lad’s eyes danced at the sight of those five little balls of fur. “I heard that one has a bad leg,” he said. “Yes, I’m afraid she’ll be crippled for life.” “Well, that’s the puppy I want. Could I pay for her a little at a time?” The man responded, “But she’ll always have a limp.” Smiling bravely, the boy pulled up one pant leg, revealing a brace. “I don’t walk good either.” Then, looking at the puppy sympathetically, he continued, “I guess she’ll need a lot of love and help. I sure did. It’s not so easy being crippled.” “Here, take her,” said the man. “I know you’ll give her a good home. And just forget the money.” -Our Daily Bread.

  • Love as brothers: G 5361 philadelphos; fond of brethren, that is, fraternal: – love as brethren.# This is the camaraderie of a common goal. The picture is that of soldiers who have a common foe, fighting the good fight together, marching towards the same goal, sharing all things, even willing to lay down of one’s life for his comrade.

These are just a few thoughts, I welcome yours.


Excerpt From The Need For Godly Relationships II, from the series Suffering Saints, A Study in First Peter | Listen to sermon.


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