My Dad’s Greatest Gift

My Dad gave me many things over my life but the greatest gift he ever gave me was his love.

He gave of love shown in time. He was never to busy to talk or have a game of catch on the weekend. He desired good things for me, even giving me some things even when there was sacrifice involved. I remember on Christmas when I was just a child all I wanted was a red bike. I was a boy so that bike needed to be red. Under the tree that year was a red Huffy bike with the high rise handlebars and a banana seat. He knew how to give good gifts.

After my prodigal period, when I came to my senses, came to myself as it were, my Dad was there. He became my friend, my confidant, and one of my top cheerleaders as I rebuillr my life.

So with so great a love from my Dad, it is little wonder that when my Heavenly Father showed me His love, I was able to accept it and be saved. i had already experienced it in microcosm with my Dad. This is my second Father’s Day since he passed away and I still miss him. Sometimes I will call home when Mom is not there just to hear his voice sounding strong again. But I am forever thankful for his love and support during my life. Him and my Mom. Thank you.

If you have a Dad, make sure you give him a hug this Father’s Day (give him an extra one from me too since I can’t hug mine).  And for those of you like me who are missing your Daddy this day, I want to share with you a song. I have shared it before, but it bears sharing again:

God bless you all.


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