Ministry Update

Pastor Tom and some co-laborers at the COL
Pastor Tom and some co-laborers at the COL

Those who follow my blog may be wondering why I have not been posting as much as usual. I do apologize for not keeping up as much as I wanted to over the last few months & I wanted to update you with what has been happening.

  1. As most of you probably know I am a missionary to the homeless in Jacksonville FL for just over five years now. My main job is that of a teacher and am in the process of helping the mission I work and live at write a new discipleship curriculum. This takes up much of my time.
  2. I have the joy and responsibility of Wednesday evening services. I have started to post them again and hope to continue to do so. I pray this is a blessing.
  3. I have had a burden on my heart to write more longer works, booklets and lessons for Christians to use individually and the church as Sunday school lessons or for small groups. Two new booklets just published this year and available for free download are Twenty One days to Your Breakthrough and Lord, Teach Us to Pray.

The busyness of all this has slowed my postings but they should start picking up again, hopefully to at least once a week.

God bless



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