Pastors, Car Accidents & A@$ Holes…REALLY?

It seems he get the point, and it is a good one. Too bad too many Christians miss it completely. God bless, PT

Culture Monk


listening but not really

by Kenneth Justice

~Yesterday at coffee a young woman sat down next to me and had an obnoxiously loud phone conversation that I did my best to ignore. After she finished the call it was clear that she was upset over something because she repeatedly kept making one long “SIGH” after another….

To be honest, I was trying to pretend that I couldn’t hear her loud “SIGHING” because among other reasons I was in the middle of trying to read an interesting blog post that a pastor had written about me in which he was refuting one of my articles.

After 6 or 7 minutes of her loud “SIGHING” though I couldn’t take it anymore so I closed up my I-Pad and struck up a conversation with her, “So it sounds like your phone call didn’t go well” I said

You don’t know the half of…

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