Ergun Caner vs. James White: A Lesson in Intregrity

Since I have been following this controversy I have wondered why myself on several occasions why people continue to rally around Ergun Canter. The links in this article are well worth checking out.


4 thoughts on “Ergun Caner vs. James White: A Lesson in Intregrity

  1. I’ve been keeping up and occasionally commenting on this for years also. I don’t know of anyone who has ever spoken for or against Dr. Caner’s story changing their mind. If anything, this is a study in “honoring my vested interest” and “sticking with my group.”

    Generally, Dr. Caner’s supporters fail to deal with the facts of the situation and “trash” the people who feel that he has simply invented a self serving story and told it widely for a decade. Dr. Caner’s supporters largely try to stick to the facts but occasionally “trash back.”

    There seem to be a large number of people who know the facts but simply feel that there is no “up-side” to getting involved–and I agree that there is no up-side to getting involved. Mr. Bunce seems to have the facts straight.


    1. You are right there is very little “upside” in getting involved in discussion like this. It is very unlikely either side will change. Those who support him will continue to do so no matter what. I guess the main thing to me is to let it be known what is quite obviously true about him. How he built his life and ministry on a lie so that I will not attend or support a ministry, school, or church that would support someone like that.


  2. In the center paragraph, it should have said, “Dr. Caner’s critics largely try to stick to the facts, but occasionally “trash back.”

    I should have read it aloud and I might have found the error.


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