A Surprising Result

I was challenged to write a paper (if I could) on the defense of the traditional roles of women in the church. Based on his response he probably expected me to have a revelation that this stance was somehow wrong. I would not mind comments or feedback (from either side), just keep it respectful is all I ask. The entire paper is about 12 pages, I include the introduction in this post.


Few topics are more divisive now than what is the biblical role of women in the church. This topic has been of some confusion to me for some time because people I respect are on both sides of this issue and they both use the Bible to back up their claims.

I have spent literally years on and off studying this topic trying to find a biblical answer that would satisfy my own soul on this. In coming to my conclusions I have made two major assumptions in my study.

  1. I always take the highest view of Scripture and the highest view of God.
  2. The Bible does not contradict itself.

In taking the highest view of scripture and of God I am taking the Bible literally and not allegorizing it unless it is clearly an allegory. In taking the highest view of God I am making the assertion that while context and understanding the social climate is important to understanding scripture, it does not negate the plain teaching of scripture.

What does a low view of God and the Bible mean? It means in the circumstances I described that we are limited God by saying He could not understand what was coming in the future and make an allowance for it. God could not have made His Word applicable to all generations and therefore since things are different now certain parts of the Bible just do not apply any more.

The question then becomes which parts are universal and which are not? Obviously the parts I like are universal while the parts I disagree with only apply to specific situations in the past, that way I can make the Bible say whatever I want. This does not do the Bible or the God of the Bible justice. Point two flows naturally out of point one. Since the Bible is the Word of God and we hold it in the highest view, there are no contradictions in it. Where there appears to be contradictions, there is only lack of understanding on the part of the reader. The onus then falls on me to “rightly divide the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Read the entire essay here: Women In The Church



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