Books and Tracts


One of the most controversial topics in the church today is that of the male and female roles in the church. This little (11 page) essay addresses this topic from the Bible in an unbiased fashion and shows how the Bible supports gender specific roles for the woman in the church. Click on image to download.


front cover prayer
Learn the basics of prayer from the model prayer Jesus gave to us in Matthew 6:5-15. Click on image to download.











Einstein once said doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same result is insanity. This booklet gives a simple guide on breaking the ungodly habit and replacing it with a better, Godlier habit. Click on image to download.
Burnout, depression, and anxiety, Oh my! We may think these are modern problems but they have existed for nearly as long as time itself. Fortunately, the world’s wises man, Solomon, gives us good council on these and other topics. Click on image to download.














Our tracts are in PDF formatted to be printed front and back (When given the option use the “print on both sides, flip along short edge”). Then they can be cut, folded, and handed out. Feel free to distribute without charge.

Salvation Tracts

  • Accepted: Shows how people can get the acceptance they seek through Salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • How Would You Answer God? A tract showing nothing we do is good enough apart from Jesus Christ.
  • The Awful Realities of Hell: A full sized tri-fold brochure style tract showing how Hell is real and how you can avoid going there.
  • My Story of Christ’s Glory: My personal testimony with a salvation invitation in a full sized brochure style tract.

Holiday Tracts